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KOMODO – Miami restaurant

KOMODO is an Asian restaurant located in the beautiful Brickell Avenue, Downtown Miami. My friends and I had dinner here, and being my first time there, I was fascinated by the stylish décor and swanky vibe that this place had to offer.

The restaurant is spread across three levels that has indoor and outdoor seating. The lighting was perfect against the dark wood, dimmed low with shades of red and orange which gave the South East Asian warm feel, yet we were dining under palm trees which mixed in the Florida atmosphere so well.

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I was lucky enough to visit this tiny Island in the Philippines. I booked this months in advance and during the half term as I was still teaching at the time. If I had known then that I would have more time off, I would have booked for longer than nine days! I would have travelled all around the Philippines – I loved it.
My sister and I flew from London Heathrow, directly into Manila which took 14 hours. We stayed there one night and flew into Caticlan the next morning which took only 50 minutes. Continue reading Boracay


The wonderful Holland. My friends and I planned a trip to Amsterdam at the beginning of December to celebrate one of their birthdays. We had an amazing time whilst travelling, as usual creating new memories. We  sung our lungs out, we laughed until we felt six packs and we drank like we were at a freshers event. Heres my guide to Amsterdam. Continue reading Amsterdam!